About Zoreum

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Zoreum Labs is a ‘Blockchain Assets Marketplace’ with a 360-degree ecosystem. At Zoreum, we develop cutting-edge products and applications, which are fast, secure and reliable by leveraging the right potential of blockchain and other auxiliary technologies like AI. We are the pioneer in Blockchain-as-a-Service concept, called BaaS protocol specializing in Supply chain domain.

  • Foreseeing the positive impacts of Blockchain Technology, we are going to explore the potential markets which would benefit the most with this technology.
  • At Zoreum we will be developing Decentralized Applications which the future holds strong with ever increasing need for authenticity, speed and security.

dApps- Decentralized Applications

Decentralized applications (dApps) are applications that run on a Peer-to-Peer network of computers rather than any server or a group of servers. DApps have existed since the advent of P2P networks. These are the software programs designed to exist on the internet without the control of a single entity. Each participant can work with others without a mediator acting between them. When a P2P dApp system is based on the blockchain framework, it makes the hosted application fast, highly secure, and reliable. DApps house complete information of the assets from the point of inception to the current day.

AsliMedicine.com - slaying the fake medicines and traders

This blockchain enabled solution provides the traceability of your medicine along the supply chain, ensuring product integrity.

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About AsliMedicine dApp

  • Tracking of the drugs with a unique scannable QR code through AsliMedicine.
  • Any missing entry in AsliMedicine would mark the drug as spurious.

A blockchain induced trust in identifying the fake medicine.

This blockchain driven solution provides the traceability of your medicine along the supply chain, ensuring product integrity. AsliMedicine brings complete traceability of drugs along the pharmaceutical supply chain and entities involved in the business with an intent to identify spurious medicines and traders.

In our current implementation, we are looking to apply permissioned blockchain technology specific to supply chain players in the Pharma industry to fight the counterfeit drugs menace. Our dApp features:

  • With AsliMedicine, the traders involved in counterfeiting can be flagged.
  • Users can earn rewards by alerting the authority of fake drugs.

EMRchain dApp– making your medical records irreversible and sharable

“EMRchain” – a blockchain powered technology solution being developed by Zoreum Blockchain Labs Pvt. Ltd.

This tech solution comes as a dApp and provides an easy way to store your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) safely and securely. Now share the medical history with all of the players/actors in your medical chain including providers, pharmacies, doctors, consultants, and other stakeholders. This helps the involved parties to get accurate and validated information in a trusted manner.

What more? It provides quick and easy access to all the doctors with zero probability of tampering.

EMRchain delivers advantages to healthcare providers and patients by enabling the better collection, storage and sharing of health information for the purpose of coordinated care delivery. And comes with features like:

  • Maintain your medical records safely and with a complete history.
  • Access anytime and anywhere with your approval.
  • Can be shared with desired doctors without a hazard of data leakage.
  • Helps in diagnosing genetic problems with interlinked family history.

Lock the security of your documents with AsliStamp dApp


A blockchain induced security in your valuable documents

This blockchain system is aimed at generating a tamperproof QR code for the scanned paperwork like educational documents and certificates, immigration documents, share certificates, etc. The planned application has numerous utilities and potential with sealing the security of the sensitive and important documents.

The business documents, financial papers, educations certificates, papers related to bond and shares will have a unique QR code and the blockchain system will not allow anyone to manipulate these confidential or important documents because once the document is uploaded, it is immutable. The dApp has potential in many fields.

About Zoreum STO

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With Security Token Offering or STO is the crypto token, you as an investor can opt for a share of profit in the business or a dividend in the trade or some sort of rewards in your wallet of a valuable investment. An STO has to undergo multiple regulations being bracketed as securities unlike the ICOs (Initial coin offering), which is not backed by regulations. Hence, masked against the fraudulent nature of a scammed project. An STO has to comply with the country’s financial regulations where it operates along with your country’s policies.

Now, safely invest with Zoreum and park your funds in secured hands. Buy Zoreum Shares (ZRS) using bitcoins, ethers, or fiat money as well, as simple as your regular purchases.

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Frequetly Asked Questions?

Security Token Offering or STOs are the crypto tokens that pass the Howey Test and many financial regulations. STOs are considered as securities in the system and they not only represent monetary value but also can represent rights, values, and stakes and play numerous roles in their ecosystems.
ICO is an initial coin offering just like the ‘Initial Price Offering’ or IPO in real world shares. With ICO, a blockchain system raises funds and they are not regulated by strict laws, thus putting risks on the shoulders of the investors. ICO is the virtual world version of what crowdfunding is in the real world. STO is the secured way of procuring funds because the STO is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Being abide by laws, STO brings confidence in investors.
Because STOs are backed by regulations, they raise the level of confidence an investor looks for. ICOs have been proved a ditch often and investors have lost their funds. But, STO beings security and assurance in the system thereby pulling steady investments. STOs also add rights such as revenue distribution. This option brings more transparency for the company and the funding parties.
Now, safely invest with Zoreum and park your funds in secured hands. Buy Zoreum Shares (ZRS) using bitcoins, ethers, or fiat money as well, as simple as your regular purchases.